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Local Primary Schools

Hewett Primary School
Lot 6 Kingfisher Drive, Hewett SA 5118
Ph: (08)8522 1486

Hewett Primary School is located on the northern edge of Gawler and is part of a precinct offering comprehensive education and care services. We are co-located with the Elsie Ey Children’s Centre. We have a strong focus on literacy and numeracy skill development for all students and this is supported by a comprehensive range of intervention programs.

The school also hosts a unit for students with intellectual disabilities. Student wellbeing is supported through whole school programs including school values, ‘Student Voice’ and peer support. Science is being taught and developed through the use of the ‘Primary Connections’ program. ICT, including interactive whiteboards, is used extensively and effectively across the curriculum. Specialist subjects are currently Japanese, PE and the Performing Arts. The school offers an Out of School Hours Care service and a private childcare centre is situated adjacent to the school. The school is a relatively new site with excellent facilities.

Gawler Primary School
School Road, Gawler SA 5118
PH: (08) 8522 2988

Gawler Primary School promotes Success, Mutual respect, Active participation, Responsibility and Teamwork. We have a strong focus on supporting individual needs and talents in a safe, friendly environment with a balanced and relevant curriculum.

Gawler is a Reception – Year 7 Primary School located in Church Hill State Heritage area of Gawler. It was one of the first 8 model schools and was built in 1877 and opened in 1878. The original school building and other original structures are State and National Estate heritage listed items. Our impressive heritage building houses our extensive and welcoming library, a modern computer suite, two classrooms and a large General Purpose room where various activities/ functions are held. The old Canteen is used for our Breakfast Club that runs each morning, Coffee Connections meetings with families and staff, various community groups and the modern kitchen facilities are used by classes and parent groups for cooking.

A major redevelopment was completed in 2005 with capital works of 3.74 million to build a new 8 room classroom block and administration area and associated ground development. The floor plan and architecture of the new building were initiated by our school community and was quite innovative. It has proven so successful it is now used as a blueprint for other school construction

In 2009 a further 2 million dollars were spent creating a spacious courtyard in the new building, constructing a large shaded breezeway between buildings and a small Covered Outdoor Learning Area. Our heritage building also had significant repairs and refurbishment at this time.

A small school yard with limited flat space means nearby Prince’s Park oval and the Sports and Community centre are used by school at playtimes and for regular activities. Our hard play area was recently covered with a synthetic grass sporting surface to promote student activity.

Immanuel Lutheran School
11 Lyndoch Road, Gawler East SA 5118
PH: (08)8522 5740

Immanuel is located right in the heart of Gawler in more ways than one! With over 30 years of specialising in primary education, Immanuel offers the world class and rigorous International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme. Students at Immanuel are immersed in a strong learning environment that is student focussed and deliberate in ensuring students maximise their potential. Immanuel boasts class size averages of just 24 and offers 3 Foundation/Reception classes capped at 18 for the very important first year of formal primary education.

Gawler East Primary School
Finch Road, Gawler East SA 5118
PH: (08) 8522 2688

Gawler East Primary School R-7 is a government funded school for the Department for Education and Child Development providing quality education from Reception to Year 7 children. We are part of the Greater Gawler Partnership.

The inclusive culture of the school is shaped by Positive Education (whole Partnership focus) and four agreed key values; Respect, Honesty, Responsibility and Fairness with staff, students and the parent community working closely together to support each other through the enactment of these values.

At Gawler East Primary School we believe that it is extremely important to prepare students for the future and the skills they will need to be successful in an ever changing globalised world. “The primary aim of the education system should be to develop and apply key life skills such as leadership, communication, teamwork and community involvement in order to overcome challenges and solve future problem” (Student Shout Out 2012).

Gawler East Primary School has a broad range of teaching and learning programs, restorative behaviour development practices and a strong focus on wellbeing. Our staff focus on your child as an individual and recognise his/her strengths, experiences and needs. We invite you to work in partnership with us as we build on the foundations which you as parents/caregivers have established at home and work together to make your child’s education an enriching and engaging experience.

The school offers Out of School Hours Care and Vacation Care Services. There is a Preschool and childcare centre situated adjacent to the school.

St Brigids Catholic Primary School
Para Road, Evanston SA 5116
PH: (08) 8522 2099

St Brigid’s Catholic School in partnership with the community, is committed to the academic, spiritual and social development of our students to prepare and empower them with the life skills to be confident young adults.

Gawler and District College B-12
Barnet Road, Evanston SA 5116
PH: (08) 8521 2400

The college is comprised of a:

Children’s Centre
Junior Sub-school: Reception – Year 6
Middle Sub-school: Years 7 – 9
Senior Sub-school: Years 10 – 12

We are very excited about the establishment of our new college and being able to offer seamless education and care within the Gawler and District region. Our values of respect, excellence and generosity to self, everyone and the environment form a strong basis for us to develop a positive school culture where every child and young person is valued and can access quality care and learning within a supported and innovative learning environment.

Trinity College
Alexander Ave, Evanston South SA 5116
PH: (08) 8522 0666

You will find Trinity to be a warm and friendly place with exceptional facilities, excellent staff and an outstanding sense of community.

Our student centred focus enables us to develop positive and confident young men and women ready to change the world for the better. We pride ourselves on fostering a love of learning and a love of life. Our schools have a solid Christian foundation, in the Anglican tradition, to ensure the personal and spiritual development of each student.

The dedicated staff are well resourced and committed to ensuring a culture of respect, support and success; the spirit of ‘doing your best’ penetrates every area of Trinity College.

Our students thrive with clear behavioural expectations, and their talents are nurtured by our extensive curricular and co-curricular programmes; we strive to find opportunities for each individual to shine.

Trinity College believes a positive educational experience changes lives and builds communities. When you come to Trinity College you are coming to a community that does not begin and end at the School gate; it permeates the lives of thousands in the Northern region of Adelaide.