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Local High Schools

Xavier College
1 Kentish Road, Gawler Belt SA 5118
PH: (08) 8523 0088

Xavier College is a Catholic Co-educational Secondary College conducted in the traditions of the Salesians of Don Bosco. The Salesians are a Congregation of the Church that have been involved in teaching and youth work in every part of the world for 150 years and pass on to the College their ethos and rich tradition in the education of young people. Xavier College is named after St Francis Xavier, a Spanish missionary of the 16th Century. His efforts to make Jesus meaningful to the people of Asia mark him as one of the great missionaries of the Church. St Francis Xavier is also the patron of the Archdiocese of Adelaide. This link with the local Church is valuable in establishing the identity of the College.

The motto for the College, “ONE IN CHRIST”, expresses our unity as children of the one God, regardless of our background, race or heritage. We are children of God, blessed by God, gifted by God and given an opportunity to use these gifts for all people. Xavier College is governed by a College Board which has the responsibility of approving the financial and development plans and policies that will guide the College. The Board is formed from the local faith community. Xavier College has a vision for Catholic Education that involves blending the technology of today with the expectations of tomorrow. All students attending the College will be well equipped to undertake the future in education or work, with a comprehensive and technological background.

Trinity College
Alexander Ave, Evanston South SA 5116
PH: (08) 8522 0666

You will find Trinity to be a warm and friendly place with exceptional facilities, excellent staff and an outstanding sense of community.

Our student centred focus enables us to develop positive and confident young men and women ready to change the world for the better. We pride ourselves on fostering a love of learning and a love of life. Our schools have a solid Christian foundation, in the Anglican tradition, to ensure the personal and spiritual development of each student.

The dedicated staff are well resourced and committed to ensuring a culture of respect, support and success; the spirit of ‘doing your best’ penetrates every area of Trinity College.

Our students thrive with clear behavioural expectations, and their talents are nurtured by our extensive curricular and co-curricular programmes; we strive to find opportunities for each individual to shine.

Trinity College believes a positive educational experience changes lives and builds communities. When you come to Trinity College you are coming to a community that does not begin and end at the School gate; it permeates the lives of thousands in the Northern region of Adelaide.

Gawler and District College B-12
Barnet Road, Evanston SA 5116
PH: (08) 8521 2400

The college is comprised of a:

Children’s Centre
Junior Sub-school: Reception – Year 6
Middle Sub-school: Years 7 – 9
Senior Sub-school: Years 10 – 12

We are very excited about the establishment of our new college and being able to offer seamless education and care within the Gawler and District region. Our values of respect, excellence and generosity to self, everyone and the environment form a strong basis for us to develop a positive school culture where every child and young person is valued and can access quality care and learning within a supported and innovative learning environment.